Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sell in May & Go Away - 17 May 2012

A quick but very important note...

The Sell signals are firmed and it is obvioously clear that the rally has ended. It is time for a correction, one that it fulfilled by the events in Greece (and Europe), at least for now and the months to follow.

ES charts show confrimed sell signals that were given as early as 1.5 months ago. The topping pattern is completed and indicators are compellingly clear.

Find the charts in HERE

The volatility cycle is also starting, with Buy signals confrimed and the VIX has a breakout.

The USD futures (/DX) also clearly show a run into safe haven...

AAPL is a feature... this was a market leader as it accomplished a parabolic run, and now it is clearly correcting, as a leader on the downside as well.

Gold futures point to a make or break on support levels. This snapshot fo the chart was taken at midday yesterday, and today a very strong bounce is lifting gold futures more than $30. This one should be watched closely although I think that a panic would send gold sharply down before a real rally to >$2000.

This is the time to be really aware and perhaps take appropriate action where necessary sooner than later. It will be more volatile from now till September to October as I expect.

Be safe.

The MadScientist

17 May 2012

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Charts are from TD Ameritrade Thinkorswim platform

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