Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Market Strike - 5 September 2011

While the US markets are closed today, something interesting is happening in Europe...

Germany is apparently undergoing legislative scrutiny for their part in the recent Greek bailout... while Angela Merkel is losing support from voters (for apparently not wanting a Euro break-up and using more public funds for bailouts).

Italy is not spared as the President is due to release news of austerity measures as the country goes on strike.

The European markets are near closing, being down 4-5% just now, and the ES futures are already 2% down, losing -23 points while US markets are closed for Labor Day holiday.

The picture really doesn't look good at all, notwithstanding Dave Elliot's call for a bounce on Tuesday, the ES looks eager to push all the way down to 1000 or slightly below that.

Here's a snapshot of the current ES chart... you can see that there is a follow through in the tank on a market holiday. Looks ugly for the rest of the week really...

The MadScientist - 5 September 2011

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