Sunday, June 12, 2011


Singapore EWS
The EWS (iShares MSCI Singapore) does not look too good after a clear double top. It looks as if there is another 2-5% to be lost in the near term and failing to find support on a long term uptrendline, it may find itself at 13, from the current 13.63.

S&P500 Long range
SPX Monthly reveals a lot of interesting insights…
The monthly chart has an obvious Fibonacci fan pattern that reveals a top is in place, one that stems from a long range fan and the other a more recent fan. The candlestick patterns, if June closes at current levels, make a convincing bearish reversal pattern, and price looks for a break of the uptrending support. However, this very uptrendline is likely to provide a dead cat bounce support for the short term. Breaking this would mean a good correction to about 1200. At this point, the RSI should also bounce off the Fibinacci fan support
Playing with cycle brackets, it is interesting to see that there are a couple of repeatable patterns on time cycles. 2H2012 looks like the next best window to buy in long range.
The MACD crossovers also have a time cycle and it is shown in red and green time cycle brackets. The periodicity is a little uncanny, given that the green time cycles appear to be best timed and 2015 is the next big move up.

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The MadScientist 13 June 2011

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