Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Market Alert - 2 June 2011

/ES weekly Setup is continuing with an earlier Sell Signal, as it seems. The daily Buy signal two days ago was countered by a Stop Loss just two days later and today is likely to have a Sell signal at the close. Our system when it fails like that, has a high probability that signals a major reversal. Combined with the current technical picture that show a massive bearish engulfing, testing and failure of a channel support-turned-resistance, plus RSI and MACD for weekly and daily, the resulting picture is omnious.

This reaction for seemingly less than desirable appears a little overdone for a -30 loss on the S&P500. Either an overreaction or underlying fear showed hand a little… looks bad till Triple Witching this month, plus June ends Nasdaq’s best 6 month run.

Looking at JNK and /HG and TIP, Napiers leading indicators for the market, it too does not look good. Similarly with JNK, a Buy signal was abruptly countered with a SL plus bearish candlesticks breaking an uptrending support line.

The MadScientist - 1 June 2011

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