Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trading for Everyone by Adam Hamilton (Part 10)

The hardest part of starting trading is making the commitment to live below your means. Trading is seeded with surplus income. Everyone has areas of fat we can cut from our lives. For example, I love reading. It’s my favorite leisure activity. If I was a new trader and cash was tight, instead of buying new books I could simply check them out for free from my local library. If you think hard, almost regardless of your income today you can probably find a way to scrape some surplus together over a year or so.

Stock trading is intimidating when you are first starting, but so is everything else. Things like hobbies or interests you hold dear and really enjoy today were once overwhelming to you too. Think about how intimidating it would be to learn golf, or gardening, or photography from scratch. Everything new is intimidating, and trading is no exception. But also like everything else, the more you get into it the more comfortable you will grow. And you will have a lot of fun along the way learning about the markets and stocks.

We can certainly help you if you are interested in learning about stock trading. Every week I write essays like this one, discussing some aspect of the markets. A few years ago I wrote a popular essay called “Stock Trading 101”. It will help you grow your knowledge and accelerate your understanding of the key core fundamentals of stock trading. The more you read about the markets and stocks, even if you don’t understand everything (heck, I still don’t understand it all!), the faster your knowledge will grow.

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