Friday, April 1, 2011

Trading for Everyone by Adam Hamilton (Part 3)

Trading is a great equalizer, shattering all the limiting preconceptions that we burden ourselves with and others impose on us. The world is tough and unforgiving, and often we feel inadequate. The reasons are infinite. Maybe the world teases you about something, looks down on you for some reason, or doesn’t respect you for who you are. All these crushing limitations that saddle real life are obliterated in trading.

The markets could not care less about your background, your education, your faith, your age, your appearance, your sex, or any real or perceived shortcomings in your life. All that matters is your own decisions. Trading may very well be the last true meritocracy on the planet, where everyone is free to thrive or fail based solely on their own drive. If you diligently strive to learn the art of trading, you can and will grow successful regardless of where you came from, where you are, or what limitations have burdened you.

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