Friday, December 21, 2012

The end of the... dead cat bounce - 22 Dec 2012

I have a short note to add for those still reading and following my blog...

Firstly, the last day of the world isn't quite the last day of the world.
See this PAGE

Secondly, for those who have heard, a number of us traders have been saying that it jolly well could be the end of the financial world as we know it... and so it seems, the end of the dead cat bounce was just a couple of days ago, SELL signals given in the daily charts in the last two days, and just now it looks like a confirmation reversal is in play.  There goes Santa...

Finally, I am writing from Perth, Australia.
For those who know the significance of me being overseas... good on ya. Do leave a message if you happen to read this, and just stamp chop your agreement that what I had told you before is true.
Well, what is it?  Instead of the markets dropping a whopper when hair is cut (like Conrad Alvin Lim)... the markets tends to tank real hard when I am away. This is an estimated 70-80% accuracy since 2009. Initially identified by my brother, and then my spouse and close friends also began to realize it happening.
For the times I can remember...
I was in Tokyo, Japan in Nov 2008
I was in Melbourne, Australia in Jan 2009
I was in Berlin, Germany in Aug-Sep 2009
I was in Kansai region, Japan in August 2010
I was in Perth, Australia in Nov 2010
I was in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA  in February 2011 and then in Melbourne, Australia in March 2011 when the massive Japanese earthquake struck
I was in Bangkok, Thailand in early October 2012
and I am now in Perth, Australia... December 2012.

Take a look at these periods... definitely no bull (run) there. Either turnaround times, or retracement, or some downward shifts in the market.

An intriguing correlation there...

Meanwhile, as I take my time analyzing charts in my holidays (if at all), I'd like to wish all readers a Happy New World, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Live life to the fullest and do something different everyday.

The MadScientist
22 December 2012

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