Sunday, August 5, 2012

Conrad and the WAT course

Just found out that my blog was selected by Conrad's Appreciation post on Pattern Traders. So just want to reply to his post.

Conrad's WAT course was the defining course in my business & trading career. I started doing business 2005 when I was still in university. Went full scale into it in 2007 when I graduated. Took Conrad's course in early 2008 and it was from Conrad and his WAT course that I found out the scale of the market panic that was going to happen later that year. I dare say that if I had not known about Conrad and the stock market cycle, I would had went bust. Having the ability to make sense of stock charts and market cycles saved me from financial ruin. And I have Conrad to thank for that.

The WAT course is not just for stock traders. It is much much more than that. It is about making sense of the financial world and learning to play the money game. If you are interested in financial success, I would definitely recommend Conrad's WAT course.

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